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i think the best feeling is when you make someone that you like a lot laugh and their face lights up and they start giggling and you’re really happy that you were able to make someone so beautiful smile so much

this is my favorite thing in the world

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Anonymous asked:
oh haha :D imma boyyy :) -

So? We can be friends. :-)

Come off now?

amazing blog

Woah! Thanks! :-)

Anonymous asked:
haha do you actually know what i mean :( ? haha

No. XD
Come off now? 

Anonymous asked:
Auww.. i'm not what you think i am :( ... if u know what i mean..

Aw. Why? :-(

Anonymous asked:
you're so so welcome!! :-)

Come off, please? :’-) 

Anonymous asked:
hey, you have a special blog :) and you're foto is cute ^^ hehe

Aw! Thanks anon! :-)

Love your blog! It's very unique(:

Woah! Thanks! :-)

nice blog, and i love your theme :3

Thanks! Yours too! :-) 

Anonymous asked:
You're such a cutie and your blog is perfect :)

Woah! Thanks anon! :-)

or1gins asked:
happy birthday :)

Thanks! :-D

perpl3xed asked:
Happy birthday. Live it up, and enjoy your special day :)

Thanks! :-D

I’m 18 today! :3
thanks for the follow.. Dope blog yhu got!!

I love your blog. *o*

And thanks! :-D